West Papua Army (WPA) with the Late John Talu Tekwie

The Late John Talu Tekwe’s Children Vow to Fight for West Papua Independence

In speeches today, in Vanimo Town, after the body of the Late John Talu Tekwe arrived in his home-town, Vanimo, Sandaun Province, various parties are allowed to give last respect/ salute to his corpse. At the same time, the Tekwei family also gave their species. Most of the children present and his own sister also […]

Hello world! This is West Papua Army (WPA)

Welcome to the website of West Papua Army (WPA), a united Military Command Structure under the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (henceforth ULMWP) as the political wing and the Republic of West Papua Government-In-Waiting or the Transitional Government of the Republic of West Papua. The establishment of the West Papua Army (WPA) was officially […]